Morocco Atlas Lions

The Morocco Atlas Lions emerged from a top-down shake-up of Morocco’s national boxing set up following the London 2012 Olympic Games, debuting in Season V as the second African nation in WSB alongside Algeria Desert Hawks. The team included a wealth of new talent and won six matches, only narrowly missing out on securing a place in the Play-Offs. The Atlas Lions then struggled to come to terms with a tough Season VI group alongside British Lionhearts, USA Knockouts and Mexico Guerreros, and despite pushing the Lionhearts all the way to the wire in London, they will return in Season VII looking to build on their experiences so far and find their way to the as-yet elusive Quarter-Finals.

The team takes its name from the Atlas lion native to the north-west African mountain range of the same name. One of the largest of the wild cats, these ‘royal lions’ had a noble history but became extinct in the mid-19th century. The Morrocco Atlas Lions’ mascot keeps the legend alive by entertaining the crowds at the team’s home matches.