Exciting Light welterweight (64 kg) Askhat Ualikhanov is an exciting talent with plenty of WSB experience. His southpaw style often causes difficulty for opponents to make their way through his tight defensive guard, while he is an expert at body shots, which take the wind out of his rivals frequently through matches.

Despite his veteran status in WSB, Ualikhanov has lost both of his matches in Season V, but he has only competed against world class opposition in this campaign. Both of his setbacks came to the joint number three ranked fighters in the competition, after defeats to Azerbaijan’s decorated Gaybatulla Gadzhialiyev, and Italian sensation Vincenzo Mangiacapre.

Although Ualikhanov enjoyed much success in prior WSB seasons, he views his triumph at the 2008 Kazakhstan Junior Championships as his proudest moment in boxing, while his number one dream in the sport is for Astana Arlans to triumph over Cuba Domadores in the WSB Finals.

Ualikhanov’s boxing hero is former AIBA World Champion and Olympic silver medalist Gennady Golovkin, and he enjoys playing football when not competing in the squared circle.