Venezuela Caciques cruise to second in Group C with comprehensive 5-0 win over Argentina Condors

Following their narrow defeat to Argentina Condors in Buenos Aires back in Week 3, Venezuela Caciques were eager to redress the balance on home soil on Friday night, and did so in grand style with a devastating performance against their South American rivals. The Vargas boxing fans were out in force and able to celebrate a memorable 5-0 win that puts the Caciques second in Group C with just two preliminary-stage matches to go.

The hosts’ 2014 National Flyweight Champion Jesus Rojas had little international experience going in to the opening bout against Condors’ Junior Zarate, but his patient approach paid off, launching attacks from solid defensive positions and ultimately landing some incisive combinations in the fourth round that tipped the judges’ decision in his favour to give Venezuela the lead.

Southpaw Victor Rodriguez once again showed his impressive combative spirit as he battled Condors’ Elias Gonzalez into the corners and took a flawless unanimous win in the evening’s second bout, before Caciques’ Maifer Lopez put the match beyond the visitors’ reach with a comprehensive display against Argentine light welterweight  Lucas Ivan Gimenez. The crowd roared into life as soon as Lopez had his opponent on the canvas in the first round, from which point he never looked back, delivering a spectacular win for his side.

At 3-0 up, that left Caciques’ big-name middleweight star Endry Saavedra to take a unanimous win against his old rival Christian Zarate for the second time in two seasons, before Alfonso Flores completed the rout in style against Argentina Condors’ Dario Alcapan, sealing an excellent night for the Venezuelans that puts them in strong contention for a place in the knockout stages.