Interview with Mr. Vladimir Tebekin

Mr. Vladimir Tebekin is the Vice-President of the Russian Boxing Federation plus a  member of the World Series of Boxing Commission, and he spoke to the World Series of Boxing (WSB) regarding his thoughts on Season V of the competition, and the performances of the Russian boxers in 2015.

What is your opinion about the performance of the Russian Boxing Team in the World Series of Boxing?

I can’t say that I am pleased with the performance of the Russian Boxing Team in the group stages of the competition, but I hope the franchise will be do better in the latter stages.

What is your team target in the current Season V of the World Series of Boxing?

The main goal of the Russian Boxing Team is to win all of the matches in the knock-out stage and secure the title in Season V.

 This season in the World Series of Boxing is very important because of the qualification to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. How do you see the performance of the Russian boxers individually?

We are very pleased with the performances of our boxers in the Bantamweight (56 kg), Welterweight (69 kg), and Middleweight (75 kg) weight classes, and we hope that Russia can qualify for Rio 2016 through WSB in those categories.

I believe that the new system of the qualification for the Olympic Games which was offered by AIBA is a good thing for all of the boxers.

Which was the most difficult match for the Russian Boxing Team in the current season of the WSB?

The most difficult match for our team in the Season V of the WSB was with the Mexican franchise. This was a very hard match and competing 1800 metres above the sea level made it our most difficult challenge this season.

Who is your favourite boxer in the World Series of Boxing and why?

I think AIBA World Boxing Championships silver medallist Vladimir Nikitin is the best boxer in the Bantamweight class (56 kg). He has got all of the qualities and knowledge, and is a young athlete who has a strong character, fighting spirit and physical qualities.

I believe currently he is the number one in the world of boxing at the 56 kg weight category.

Could you please tell me some interesting facts and figures about the background of Russian boxing? How many active boxers are there in Russia from schoolboys up to the elite level?

A large number of boxing gyms are under construction in Russia now and boxing is a national sport in Russia and a really popular one in my country. As the Vice-President of the Russian Boxing Federation, I need to create good conditions for those children who come to a boxing gym. We have 350,000 male boxers from the youngest age groups up to the elite level, and more than 10,000 women are also training in Russia today.

Do you have development programs in boxing? If yes, what are the key factors?

Yes of course, we have got several boxing development programs in Russia, and the main purpose of these programs is to display the sport for young people in the boxing gyms because our future depends on the Russian youth. We are hoping the conditions we have created for the Russian children today will continue our successes at the international level.

Three Russian boxers won the APB titles. What is your feeling about their performance and the atmosphere of the APB?

APB is a new and very interesting project of AIBA which has become popular across the world very quickly. The popularity of boxing has been raised due the WSB and APB and this innovation thanks to AIBA President Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu who leads the whole boxing family into a new stage.

Which companies and organizations are the main sponsors of the Russian Boxing Federation?

The main sponsor of the Russian Boxing Federation is a Foundation which is promoting a healthy lifestyle called “ICEBERG” which I chair.