Yasnier Toledo: “Watching two Champions fighting is something very special”

After the Weigh In for Day 1 of the Clash of Champions, we talked with the Cuban boxing star Yasnier Toledo who will fight for the first time against the Astana Arlans Light Welterweight (64kg) Askhat Ualikhanov.

What do you think about the idea of the “Clash of Champions”?

I think that this match will be very exciting. Watching two Champions fighting is something very special.

How did your training schedule look like after the end of the WSB Season IV? How do you find your physical shape now?

When we finished the intensive WSB Season we had a short time break which I think was very positive. I needed to rest a little bit and now I’m feeling very good. During such breaks you have time to think about your life, its sportive aspect and you come back with more desire to win. Now, after we started start the preparations, we are working hard to reach our best physical condition.

Which version of Yasnier Toledo will the fans see in the ring tomorrow?

We will see it. I can’t say until the start of the fight. I only hope that the best of us will win.

After your first WSB Season, what do you think about the competition?

To tell the truth, when we fought in Mexico last summer, I was very surprised about the show. The ring, the gloves, the fact that we box without vest and headgear… All of this seemed strange to me at the beginning. However, over the fights I have been adapting and every day I am feeling more comfortable and therefore my boxing is getting better.

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