Mardan Berikbayaev: “We will fight till the very end”

24 hours ahead of the long awaited “Clash of Champions” match, we are delighted to share an exclusive interview with the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan boxer who will open this landmark event, the exciting Flyweight (49kg) Mardan Berikbayev.

Mardan, you are going to open the ‘Clash of Champions’ tomorrow. What does this match mean for you?

We all are eagerly awaiting this match as we see it as a unique experience. Cuba has a fantastic line-up with their very best boxers of today, and for us it is an honor to fight with the leading members of their national team. Furthermore, we were prepared mentally for this meeting ahead of the Finals last season, but since it did not happen, we consider this duel between Champions of WSB as important as the Final of the competition.

What motivate you most ahead of the meeting with Cuba Domadores?

The motivation lies in the fact this will be our home match. We absolutely must make our fans happy, and all those who will come to support us, so therefore we will fight till the very end!

How did you receive the news that Yosbany Veitia has changed weight category, and your opponent will instead be newcomer to the WSB Santiago Amador?

Actually, I was looking forward to a fight with Veitia, as, we have already boxed in the final of the Geraldo Cordoba Cardin tournament, in which he won by a margin of three points. I would like to have revenge one day, and I still hope we will meet in Season V!

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