Askhat Ualikhanov: “I have always wanted to box against an Olympic medalist!”

Three days ahead of the “Clash of Champions” matchup between the WSB Champions of Season III Astana Arlans Kazakhstan and WSB Champions of Season IV Cuba Domadores, we are delighted to present with an exclusive interview with Astana Arlans Kazakhstan boxer Askhat Ualikhanov, who will fight for his team on September 9 in the Light Welterweight (64kg) category.

Askhat, you are pitted against one of the best boxers of the Cuban team – Yasnier Toledo, for the first time. What do you expect from this meeting?

I said to myself, that my opponent will be very difficult. We haven’t met in the ring before, and therefore I am eagerly awaiting this bout. Especially as I have always wanted to box against an Olympic medalist!

What do you think is the secret of Cuban success in the ring?

It’s difficult to say, but first of all the main secret is that they really do a lot of training. Amongst other things, the structure of the Cuban boxing school differs from ours, therefore they can and have reached such results in boxing. And you cannot forget about the climate levels, which, for me, also contribute to the success of the Cubans.

But still you are looking to win that match…

You know, every boxer comes to the ring only to win and the fact that we will face a strong opponent like Cuba stimulates us even more for victory.

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