USA 3-2 Germany: Another Maestreclass

Whilst this wasn’t the result that either team would have wanted, nonetheless it is one that will suit them both just fine, given what happened in the rest of the Week 9 action.

With the Argentinians losing, but still taking a point from Algeria, their challenge is over. The Algerians at the same time weren’t allowed to close the gap on the USA and the last Playoffs position too much. The Germans meanwhile will be pleased as they stay a point ahead of the Knockouts, whilst still having a match in hand.

The Flyweights (52kg), Lightweights (60kg), Welterweights (69kg), Light Heavyweights (81kg) and Super Heavyweights (91+kg) contested this match.

Bout of the match
Venezuelan Lightweight Luis Arcon Diaz and Team Germany’s Artur Bril put on an excellent performance for the crowd in Miami. Diaz is one of a number of young and emerging Venezuelan boxers that impressed at the AIBA World Boxing Championships last year. The South American had this said about him by the AIBA team in Almaty:

Lightweight Luis Diaz of Venezuela is proving to be quite a boxer. He graced the canvas in these Championships, […] he has beautiful form and excellent timing. During his bout with Elian Dimitrov of Bulgaria, he took the centre of the ring and seemed almost untouchable with the snake like movement of his head being too hard to predict. He stands with a low lead hand for much of the time, inviting the opponent in and then, finding the openings presented to him.

The description remains accurate, but his German opponent this time really pushed the Knockouts boxer. Light on his toes and with extremely fast hands and good reactions, Bril is a good find for the Eagles. In the end it was the Knockouts boxer who edged a wonderfully technical match that is well worth watching again on

Boxer of the match
Welterweight Gabriel Maestre wasthe second Venezuelan boxer to turn out for the USA last night and he boxes in not a too dissimilar style from his compatriot. His opponent was the very talented Arajik Marutjan whose 1-3 record belies his abilities. The punch of the match was probably a left hook that Maestre gave his opponent that knocked him down in round two for an eight count. A clever counter puncher, Maestre is really yet another really good find for the Knockouts. The USA talent scouts seem to have specialised in finding absolutely brilliant but fairly unknown boxers, from all over the world, but particularly Latin America. His style is interesting though because unlike a traditional counter puncher, Maestre comes forward with his lead hand low to invite the punch, then bobs and weaves his way into attacking positions. What is really unique though is that on the inside, he seems to change styles at will and become a front foot boxer. This really seems to slow his opponents down as they try to figure out an appropriate response, which gives him yet more space on the outside. It was a good win for the Knockouts new man, who takes his record in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) to 2-0.

The turning point
Serge Michel made his seventh appearance in the WSB at Light Heavyweight against the USA’s new Indian boxer Sumit Sangwan, who is just 21 years old. When the two met, the score was already 3-0. With the Walk Over at Super Heavyweight, the German needed to win to ensure his team could go home with a point. From the beginning, the difference in experience was apparent and the Indian boxer was taking a standing eight within the opening ten seconds of the first round. He recovered well and made good use of his jab to survive the round. He began to hold his own but was nailed early in the second when he was dropped again. The referee briefly allowed the action to continue but had swiftly seen enough. The German took the match with a TKO.

Checkout Pictures of the bout here!