Ballor: Season IV is a whole new ball game!

Following our popular interview with Hussars Poland boss Jarek Kalkowski on tactics we speak to Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder’s General Manager Claudio Ballor about the impact the new weight groups in Season IV.

The Season II winners and Season III Semi-finalists know all about tactics and will be looking to impose their will on the rest of Group A in this year’s regular season to ensure their side’s progression to the finals. Ballor takes us through his thoughts on the question of the new weight categories.

The move to 10 weight categories has been widely welcomed by boxers and boxing media outlets why do you think that is?
Basically because it’s a way to unify all AIBA’s programs, making the whole package much more attractive for all parties.

Are there any boxers on your team who will specifically benefit from this change (who and how)?
Obviously the boxers who competed in a class that wasn’t their own will benefit. For us Mangiacapre is the most obvious example.

Conversely are there any boxers who will be disappointed and why?
Szello was perfect for 85kg, now he has to face the challenge that comes with the change

From a management point of view how does this affect how the team will be run and how boxers will be selected for bouts?
It’s a new ball game, as you will have a more irregular flow of bouts for boxers and it introduces new challenges in the selection strategy.

Are there any weight categories that you now have to many/few boxers in?
No, I don’t think so.

Do you feel that this will affect the overall dynamics of teams within the WSB, for example are there any teams who will be particularly affected (for better or worse) because of this change?
Definitely, the teams that adapt quicker to these changes will succeed, but obviously the most important thing now is to have a quality roster.

If a team has really strong group of boxers in one general area – e.g. lighter boxers – will this rule change enable them to put more of those talented fighters into the competition than was previously the case and could that significantly change the overall standings this season?
I don’t think that will be the case, but the overall management of the team will be different than it used to be.

Boxers will be drawn into C1 and C2 groups depending on their weights. Is there a possibility for some teams that one group will become more successful than the other? If so could it be a problem and what can be done to manage it.
This will definitely happen. In terms of managing it, it’s a matter of balancing each team’s forces in order to have a successful season.


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