Cuba vs Mex Countdown: Lindolfo Delgado

We interview Mexico Guerreros Lightweight Lindolfo Delgado about his upcoming WSB bout. Version Española aqui

Today, since we are awaiting the final confirmation of which Lightweight boxer the Mexico Guerreros will enter to face the Cuba Domadores in their historic World Series of Boxing (WSB) exhibition match, on the 29th and 30th of August, we thought we would interview two of the most likely picks. We start with up and coming Mexican boxer Lindolfo Delgado and will interview Fernando Alverez in part two later today.

This will be your debut fight in WSB, are you feeling nervous?
At first I was nervous about boxing for five rounds, but after a good preparation period I’m not worried anymore, but of course I feel a bit anxious about this fight.

Have you ever fought against a Cuban boxer before?
Yes, several times, some representing my state Nuevo Leon and I’ve been on camps on my own too, so I have some experience in facing Cuban boxers already.

You are joining WSB and Mexico Guerreros team for the next season. How do you feel to be one of the Guerreros?
For me it´s an honour to be part of Guerreros team and to represent my country.

What do you expect from competing in WSB?
The main thing is to get good results and gain the experience that international opponents will provide me.

What is your training program for this match like?
I train very hard and also train the psychological part that will give me more confidence and will make me to get a better result.

What is your favourite part of the training and why?
What I like most is working with the heavy bag. I like drilling my shots again and again to improve them and have a better punch.

What is more important mental or physical preparation?
Physical, but I cannot avoid mental training either, as this helps me with motivation and confidence, things that you must have in every fight.

Why did you chose boxing as your sport?
My father was a boxer and he taught me when I was a child, at first it was only a hobby, but then I started to train more seriously and that´s how I start in boxing.

What are the lessons that boxing taught you?
That sometimes we have to sacrifice things to achieve a greater good and it also taught me discipline and perseverance.

What are your strengths as boxer?
I consider myself a smart fighter, I don’t just get into the ring and throw punches but rather what I try to do is avoid taking damage whilst serving up plenty of my own.

You are from the Linares Nuevo Leon, how difficult it has been to be away from your family and friends for the sake of your boxing career? 
It has been difficult leaving family and friends, but then you realize that’s what you want and know that you have to make such sacrifices to achieve your goals. Also I know that it’s not forever and there will be opportunities to return home and be with them, that helps me keep going.

What goals have you set for yourself for the future?
My goals are: to be someone in boxing, an example to follow and of course get some medals in international tournaments.