Cuba vs Mex Countdown: Fernando Alvarez.


In our second interview with Mexican Guerreros Lightweights we talk to Fernando Alvarez

Today, since we are awaiting the final confirmation of which Lightweight (-60kg) boxer the Mexico Guerreros will enter to face the Cuba Domadores in their historic World Series of Boxing (WSB) exhibition match, on the 29th and 30th of August, we thought we would interview two of the most likely picks. In part one we interviewed up and coming Mexican boxer Lindolfo Delgado and in part two we have interviewed experienced WSB boxer Fernando Alvarez.

Have you ever fought against a Cuban boxer before? 
Unfortunately I have not fought with a Cuban boxer, but of course I’d like to do it so this represents a great opportunity for me.

How important is this fight for you on the 29th of August? Do you think it will be a great challenge?
Of course it will be, Cuba is real a power in world boxing. It will be very important in my career.

What atmosphere do you expect at the venue? Do you think many fans will turn up?
Yes, I think it will be a good atmosphere as are all the Guerreros’ home matches. Many of my friends and family will be there to support me and cheer the team too. I am preparing really hard for this one because I am very motivated and because this will be a great event. I’m excited about the chance to participate in this match.

What is your favourite part of the training and why?
My favourite part is when we go running in different places like “The Ocotal” which is a training camp, at over 3,500 metres over sea level) and “Desierto de los Leones” [a forested national Park, which is again at altitude-2,600 to 3,700m. The “desert” part of the name refers to the lack of inhabitants rather than it being arid, it is in fact fairly green].

What is more important mental or physical preparation?
I believe that with fighters like Cubans physical preparation is more important as being well trained gives you the confidence to get in there to begin with.  You can use that confidence to get psyched-up on the night to help you win.

You only joined the WSB last season. How do you feel in the competition?
For this season I feel more confident and less pressured. I am very happy to participate in it again and I’m highly motivated.

Out of all your opponents in the WSB who had the hardest punch?
I think it was Isa Isayev from the Baku Fires, we had a really hard fight and he sent me to the ground in the second round. He is very strong and from the start of the fight I felt the power in his punches, fortunately I won that match.

After only one season you were already ranked 8th in the WSB individual ranking. Are you happy with that result?
I’m happy because there are many good fighters participating in the WSB, but my goal is always to be in the first places.

What do you consider the biggest benefit that your experience in the WSB has given you?
It is experience mainly and of course representing my country is something very special for me.

 What lessons has boxing taught you?
Never underestimate your opponent, always be humble and respectful to the people who support you, not to use your skills in the streets and always prepare and give everything in training to get good results.

What are three words that would describe you as a boxer?
I’m a good puncher, brave and explosive. I’m someone who leaves everything in the ring.


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