Cuba Vs Mex Countdown: Brian Gonzalez (Mex)

On the day that tickets for the historic World Series of Boxing (WSB) exhibition match between the Cuba Domadores and the Mexico Guerreros went on sale, we interview Guerreros Bantamweight (56 kg) boxer Brian Gonzalez.

This will be your debut fight in the WSB, are you feeling nervous?
I don´t feel nervous, I am eager to represent my country, it is a great honour for me.

You will be fighting against the Cuban Lazaro Alvarez, the bronze medallist from the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2011 World Champion.  Will this be the fight of a lifetime?
It is certainly the biggest fight I will have had so far in my career, I´ll be facing a very experienced, strong and talented opponent. It motivates me to work harder and to show that desire and a boxers hunger is more important to winning than anything else.

Have you ever fought against a Cuban boxer before?
I have faced Cuban boxers in preparation fights and got very good results, so I think this time will be no different. I know it will not be easy to win because of the high standard of boxing my opponent will be bringing to the ring, but I hope to come out with the victory.

What is your training like to prepare for this match?  
I am preparing myself physically and mentally to be one hundred per cent when I go into the ring. I am doing long runs to boost my endurance, putting in quality time in the gym and I think that the effort will make me victorious in this fight, I´m also preparing mentally and watching lots of motivational videos.

What is more important mental or physical preparation?
I think both are important, because if you are not in good condition you cannot make it through the whole fight and if you do not come in with a good mentality, even if your cardio is great, you are in trouble. If you’re not very focused then you can´t exploit the best of your abilities, this is why I’m working hard on the two aspects.

You are joining the WSB and Mexico Guerreros team for next season. How do you feel about becoming one of the Guerreros?
Being selected to represent your country is always a great honour and it comes with great responsibility. I feel happy because today I know that the difficult days my family and I have been through were worthwhile.

You are from the State of Morelos, how difficult it has been to be away from your family, friends in your boxing career?
No doubt leaving my family is the hardest thing I’ve done, but I have a dream and I know that to get to it I must suffer and be without certain things, one of those my the family and friends but I know that every sacrifice has its reward and now is here. This opportunity that I have to prove that I belong in the Guerreros team, gives me the drive to keep going. I always have the attitude and desire to achieve my goals, no matter how hard it is or how many obstacles are in my way.

Why have you chosen boxing as your sport?
I chose it because boxing is an individual sport in which the gains you achieve are for your own hard work and dedication. You cannot blame others if lost or goes wrong, if you win is because of you and your own effort. This is a sport that gives you great personal satisfaction as a result.

What are your strengths as a boxer? 
My intelligence, hand speed, footwork and ability also handle fighters who use both stances (orthodox and southpaw).

You became national champion in the bantamweight division this year, what goals have you set for the future?
My main goal is to get to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, but currently I’m predominantly focused on getting a good result in the match against Cuba, then the World Cup and the 2014 Central American Games in Veracruz.

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