Guerreros announce new sponsors: Fire Sports

Mexico Guerreros have announced a new sponsorship deal with high performance sports equipment manufacturer: Fire Sports.

According to the company website Fire Sports was founded in 2007 when time keeper Luis Antonio Herrera Perez made an observation during an amateur boxing match about the quality of the gloves and head guards being used.  Fully endorsed by the Mexican Boxing Federation Fire Sports are a natural fit for the Mexico Guerreros World Series of Boxing (WSB) team.

The company provides a range of products including equipment for judo, MMA, basketball, football and volleyball. Their comprehensive boxing range includes:

Head Protectors
Protection Accessories
Electronic Scales

The deal will also see Fire Sports as the new official kit provider for the team. The Guerreros team recently posed for a photo shoot of their official 2013-2014 strip.

The announcement comes on the eve of a historic boxing match in the WSB between the Mexico Guerreros, who were Season III semi-finalists and the Cuba Domadores, who will be making their pro-style debut for the first time in over 50 years since Fidel Castro banned pro-boxing following the Cuban Revolution in 1962. The match will be contested across ten weight groups. This will be the norm in this year’s WSB as the organisation makes a the popular move  that brings the weight categories in line with other International Boxing Association (AIBA) events from the five weight categories that were contested last year.


For more details on the Mexico Guerreros visit their website