Cuba vs Mex Countdown: Elias Emigdio (Mex)

Continuing our countdown to the historic Cuba Domadores vs Mexico Guerreros exhibition match in Mexico City on the 29th and 30th of August 2013, we interview Mexican boxer Elias Emigdio.

The Flyweight boxer (49-52 kg) has an astonishing record in the WSB (14-3) competing in all three seasons so far. He’ll need all that experience in this historic match against Cuba and more specifically against his opponent, Cuban team member Gerardo Cervantes.

We asked him how he is preparing for the bout.

What do you expect from the bout against Cervantes?
I expect a very hard match against a very strong opponent because Cuba is one the best boxing countries in the world and I hope to perform well for all the fans in Mexico.

Have you undertaken any special training for this bout?
Not really, the training I’m doing in the Gym is the same because it has worked for me in the past and I have got good results in my fights.

Do you think you will have an advantage over Cervantes because of your significant experience in the WSB?
I think experience is important because you have a better understanding and you are more prepared in all the technical aspects of the game but I will be facing a tough contender, In a fight where both boxers come out to give everything, you never know what might happen.

In November this year you will start your 4th season in the WSB. What does this competition mean to you in your overall boxing career?
I’m considered one of the best fighters in my division in the WSB, I’m working hard to stay there and I hope to get a ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

What do you consider the biggest benefit that your experience in the WSB has given you?
Mostly it has given me the experience of fighting the best boxers in the world. As a result I have raised the level and skills of my own game.

You were ranked third in the WSB individual ranking in Season III. If you compare Season I and Season III do you feel that you are technically better?
My position in the global ranking has been improving consistently and I think I’ve been becoming better technically and tactically in each of the seasons.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Mexico Guerreros team?
It means a lot to me to represent my country and being a “Guerrero Aguila” [warrior eagle] is a source of great pride to me.

Why are Mexicans so passionate about boxing?
I think it’s because of the Mexican fans. Mexico has been the cradle of great boxing idols and world champions; Mexican boxers are not easily defeated and people have great respect for them.

As a boy did you ever dream of becoming a boxing Champion?
Yes, so I’m committed 100% to my boxing career and the desire to be world champion one day. I hope to get recognition for all the effort and the long hours spent working in the gym.

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