CUB vs Mex Countdown: Joselito Valazquez (Mex)

With the World Series of Boxing’s (WSB) exhibition match between theMexico Guerreros and Cuba Domadores less than twenty days away, we begin a countdown series of posts and interviews featuring some of the boxers who will be fighting in the event.

We start with Light Flyweight (-49kg) Mexico Guerreros athlete Joselito Velazquez Altamirano, who will be making his WSB debut in the exhibition match in Mexico City on the 29th and 30th of August 2013.

We put some questions to him in this short interview to help us get to know him better.

What do you expect from your first ever pro bout in WSB?
I think it will be a difficult fight because my opponent [Yosbany Veitía Soto World Bronze 2011 Current world rank:10 ] boxes at an extremely high level and is very talented. Also the WSB and boxing over five rounds is new for me. But I feel good, I’m training very hard.

Not only it is your first pro style WSB bout but also you will be facing a dangerous Cuban fighter. What is your strategy for this encounter?
Basically the strategy is prepare well and be in great shape. That will be the key to being able to counteract his technical ability.

How do your tactical considerations change when fighting one boxer rather than many (in a tournament)?  
Is easier because you prepare for one style of fighter and you have the time and opportunity to study the opponent.

How do your training needs change to prepare for a specific opponent?
The most important thing is that you have to work and spar against boxers that have the same characteristics as your opponent.

Do you feel under high levels of pressure before the exhibition match?
No I don’t feel pressured, I feel motivated and excited.

Have you had a special training routine to prepare for this bout? How was it different than your usual training?
The preparation is different because the fighting style is different, now I have to compete for five rounds rather than the three I’m used to in AIBA Open Boxing tournaments. Consequently I am obviously training with more rounds than before.

You will have an advantage fighting on your home soil in Mexico City. Does the support from the Mexican public play an important role in your chances of winning?
Being at home is important because I will have my family, friends and all the Mexican fans supporting me, that will make me give everything I have in the fight.

Why are Mexicans are so passionate about boxing?
Mexican Boxers are always very brave, they have a great attitude and big hearts. That is a Characteristic of Mexican boxing and it always pleases our home supporters too.

After three years of WSB competition Mexico Guerreros is a well-established team with fantastic results. How important it is to you to be one the Guerreros?
It is a big commitment to belong to the Guerreros because of the competitiveness that exists in Mexican boxing.  They have had very good results over the last few seasons, so there is an obligation to never give up and think big.

Tell us more about your life outside boxing, what you like to do? What are your hobbies?
I love listening to music and I’m a very happy person. I like to play soccer, go to the beach, and I devote myself to everything I do.

As a boy did you did you ever dream of becoming a Champion?
Actually as a child I dreamed of being a professional soccer player, because in Mexico it is a very popular sport but now things have changed and boxing is everything to me.

Your gold medal from Guadalajara in the 2011 Pan American Games was a huge success for a 18 year old boxer. What do you most want to achieve in the future?
Like all athletes I dream of reaching the Olympic Games and to have a good result there, then one day to become a pro world champion.

The exhibition match between the Mexico Guerreros and Cuba Domadores will take place on the 29th and 30th of August 2013 in Mexico City.