CNN covers New Cuban Franchise

American news company CNN broadcast a feature on the World Series of Boxing’s (WSB) newest Franchise the Cuba Domadores today.

News Anchor Patrick Oppmann opened the piece by stating that “the passion for boxing is part of Cuba’s DNA”.

He went on to explain that “After Fidel Castro’s revolution took power he declared that Cuban athletes could no longer compete professionally. Sports stars here could win gold medals and glory but not big pay checks”.

But as boxing fans already know, all that is about to change with Cuban boxers being allowed to compete in pro-style (within AIBA events such as the WSB) for the first time in over fifty years. Anyone who has seen the Sons of Cuba documentary will know both how seriously the country’s boxers take their sport and how transformative the WSB could be to their lives.

As CNN explained “Cuban boxers are expected to earn more by fighting in the WSB […] reportedly up to several thousand a month […] a fortune in Cuba where most workers earn less than 20 dollars a month”.

But there are boxing advantages as well, the WSB will heap even more prestige on a sport that is already held in high regard in the country and the tournament will offer Cuban boxers exposure to other styles of boxing, which will help the Cubans on the world stage. The President of the Cuban Boxing Federation Alberto Puig alluded to this when he said “We will train differently, learn a different way of fighting, we will get to know this and not be surprised by it when we fight in the Olympics”.


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