“They’ll get a taste of what WSB is all about”

Mariana Caballero the Sports Manager of the Mexico Guerreros gives us her first impressions of the draw, the arrival of Cuba and the impact both will have on her team.

What did you think about the draw and your group Mariana?
Well, we have already faced four of the six teams in the group and I think that this will allow us to develop a great strategy, because we already know both the teams and the individual boxers, but it is definitely a difficult group. But we have the time to prepare ourselves, there are still three or four months before the season starts and we have to do our best.

 Which team will be the most difficult to face?
They all have different levels of difficulty. The big countries, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia, they tend to dominate in the heavyweight categories but now we are looking to reinforce the Mexican team to compensate.

What do you think about Cuba?
It’s a new team and the talk of the hour and we will give them a hard welcome so that they get a taste of what WSB is all about. But definitely they are a team with a lot of potential for this season.