Kolkowski: Hussars have fight on their hands in Group B

In a sensational twist of events at the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Official Draw, the Season III Quarterfinalists, Hussars Poland, were placed in a “Group of Death” which includes defending Champions Astana Arlans Kazakhstan, Semi Finalists Mexico Guerreros, WSB bad boys Azerbaijan Baku Fires, the potentially lethal Russian Franchise and of course, the team everyone is talking about… Cuba Domadores.

 We asked the Hussars’ General Manager Jarek Kolkowski what he thought about facing such a formidable group.

What do you think about your group?
(Laughs) What do I think about the group or what do I think about us in the group? I ask because I think the group is absolutely fantastic. Apart from the fact that Ukraine had to go to the other side [Group A] as they were seeded against Kazakhstan, but I think we got the hardest imaginable draw. If you could think of a group of death in terms of WSB this would be it. Almost all the top teams are on this side of the draw. Unfortunately, everyone will be thinking that that means “death” for us because let’s face it; we are not as strong or as experienced as the other teams in the group. Admittedly Cuba is new to the WSB, but they are such a strong boxing nation that I don’t see that being a disadvantage to them.  That’s why I asked you the question earlier because I think the group is perfect from a fan’s point of view. It is going to produce the most exciting boxing you could imagine but at the same time…it is the worst possible draw imaginable for us (laughs). We couldn’t have got it worse actually.

Are you worried about the season then or looking forward to it?
No I’m absolutely looking forward to it. It’s going to be really fantastic boxing. And I hope that we are able to surprise our rivals as much as we did last season. Obviously last year nobody thought that we would make it to the Quarterfinals, and we did. So that was a huge success for us. I hope that we can repeat that this year but I think that it will be exceptionally difficult and I think it will be tougher for us than last season even though that was our debut year. So, we can say in our favour that we are more experienced now, but we face a huge wall to break down if we want to move forward this year.

What do you think about the Russian team?
It really depends on who they put on the squad. If this is going to be the Sborna, which is their national team, then everyone else will be really afraid. If you take into account the last European Championships where the Russians came home with nine medals, five of which were gold, then we have to say that if they bring the Sborna into the WSB it’s going to be devastating.

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