Baku Fires want strongest teams in their group

The draw is only a few days away, so we spoke to Azerbaijan Baku Fires General Director Mr Genzhiyev to see what the draw means to him and his team.

 Why is the draw important for your team?

The Draw is a very important factor in the Season. I could even go as far as to say it is the main part of the competition. We would like to get the strongest teams in the group stage (Regular Season). We have been in the WSB from its first days so we are one of the most experienced teams in the league.  We respect all of our opponents, but we are not afraid of anyone.

What would be the nightmare draw for your team in the Regular Season and why?
The nightmare draw is to meet with weak teams in the group. Only by competing with the strong teams do you know your real power.

Who do you think the winning team will be this year?
We are seriously preparing for the new season. Our aim has never changed so I have to say we are going to win the WSB team trophy this year.

Who do you think will be the four semi-finalists?
It is difficult to say at this stage, we can only speak about it closer to the time, when we will be know which boxers will be competing on the other teams.

What impact will the Cubans have?
Cuba was always one of the strongest boxer countries in the world. Of course it will be great to compete with the Cuba team and I am sure it will attract an even bigger interest in the WSB league.

The WSB Live Draw will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 2nd. You can watch the full draw at 19:00 (local time) on the WSB youtube channel or on a number of other websites. Click here for full details. 

You can follow the latest news for the draw on WSB’s Twitter page or by following the hashtag #WSBDraw. 

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