Saldivar: “Mexico will be a nightmare for anyone”

The momentum for the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Season IV live draw is building. We spoke to Gerardo Saldivar, The Mexico Guerreros General Manager about why he is looking forward to the draw and what we can expect from the Mexican franchise this season.

Why is the draw important for your team?
In my belief the Draw is important for all the teams as it is another example of WSB competition transparency and fairness. It’s the time when all the excitement begins for the boxers, coaches and management and the time for developing a strategy to win the WSB team trophy starts too.

What would be the nightmare draw for your team in the Regular Season and why?
All teams showed a great performance level last season and we (Mexico Guerreros) did too, I’m convinced that Cuba, even in their first season will be difficult as well as the current Champions Astana [Arlans Kazakhstan]. Nevertheless, I personally would like to face both in the group and show what Mexico Guerreros are capable of. Mexico Guerreros will definitely be a nightmare for any other team.

Who do you think the winning team will be this year?
Mexico Guerreros, of course.

Who do you think will be the four semi-finalists?
The competition is so fair that the strongest teams during the regular season will be the four best, I will take for granted it will be a very harsh season but still my favourite four based on what we saw last season will be:  Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Cuba and Mexico.

What impact will the Cubans have?
Cuba is to boxing what Brazil is to soccer, Cuba coming to WSB will help increase the brand value of WSB and definitely the international media impact will be huge, there is no stopping the WSB now. Cuban boxers are amongst the best in the world, boxing history of Cuba is a proof of that.  The whole world will be looking forward to see the Cuban boxers in action even though it won’t be all that easy for them as the competition level shown by other teams in the WSB has improved every season.

The WSB Live Draw will be held on July 2nd in Lausanne, Switzerland and will be available to watch from 19:00.