Salvo: “The Draw is all we are thinking about”

With the WSB Season IV live draw almost upon us, we talk to Hernan Salvo , Argentina Condors General Manager about the importance of the draw for teams in the season.

Why is the draw important for your team?
It’s important because it helps us to lay out what the season will look like and to confirm with the TV and sponsors where the team will be.  Everyone is a little anxious for the day to arrive so we can find out who else will be in the group, that’s all we are thinking about at the moment.

What would represent the worst group imaginable for Argentina in the group phase and why?
To face teams like Astana [Arlans Kazakhstan] Ukraine or even Cuba requires great care. They have been successful for a long time in AOB Boxing.  In Argentina at the end of every Olympic  Games the entire national team turns professional, which means we have to start again every four years.  Now having joined the WSB along with the APB program we should be able to hold on to 90% of the boxers who started on the national team in 2008. But we know and understand that there are countries which are boxing super-powers and their results in the WSB along with the AIBA World Championships and the Olympics show this.

Who will win this year in your opinion?
It’s very premature to be asking that. One would assume that Astana Arlans would be among the best, as the Ukraine might be or even the Cubans. I don’t think we can’t look beyond those three.

Who will be the four teams in the semi-finals?
Again, I would say that the 2013 finalists deserve a lot of respect. Perhaps we may have a surprise element joining them in the group of four Semi-finalists however. It could even be us but you have to understand that there are other very hard teams as well such as Italia Thunder who are always up there with the best.

What will the impact of the Cubans be in the WSB?
It will be very beneficial for the whole WSB. They were one of the few powerhouse boxing teams who were missing. It will be a wonderful and spectacular thing, they are respected throughout the world

It will be a great experience for everyone in a year where the skill level in the WSB will be even higher than last season.