Castro’s son predicts the Cuban domination of WSB

Antonio Castro, the son of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro believes that the Cuban team will dominate the World Series of Boxing (WSB) next season.

Castro, who was Cuba’s chief medical officer for the 2012 London Olympics has given his views following the announcement that Cuba is lifting its ban on pro-style boxing to allow its athletes to compete in the WSB’s fourth season.

Despite Cuba being one of the most dominant countries in the history of Olympic boxing, the professional version of the sport has long been banned on the island.

But the WSB is currently the only competition in the world that allows boxers to fight in pro-style, whilst still retaining their Olympic eligibility. In an interview with British sports website Inside the Games, Castro explained that “Boxing has always been one of the biggest sports in Cuba and we have been very strong in the sport at the Olympic Games for a long time. “Now that there are changes to boxing at the Olympics with this new professional-style boxing, we are ready to adapt and I think we will continue our success.

He went on to explain that the lure of the event for Cuban boxers is the fact that they can retain their Olympic eligibility whilst turning pro through WSB. “Going to the Olympics has always been the biggest goal of Cuban boxers and that will not change,” he said “I am sure that we will remain one of the strongest boxing nations at the Olympics through these changes.”

He was also complementary of AIBA’s President Dr Wu, who is standing for IOC President this year. I like what the AIBA President has planned for boxing and his idea to make the sport professional at the Olympic Games,” Castro said. “He is a very smart man with a very clear idea of what he wants to do for his sport and Cuba is happy to be involved in the project.”


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