Day 2 Weigh-in: Mytrofanov to fight

With just a few hours to go before the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Team Finals in Astana, Kazakhstan, the boxers for Day two’s event have weighed in.  Athletes from both finalist teams, the star studded Ukrainian Otamans and the local favourites Astana Arlans Kazakhstan all made weight without any problems

There was however, a palpable sigh of relief among Otamans supporters when it became clear that Middleweight Dymytro Mytrofanov was available to fight. There had been some in some initial doubt about an injury concern, but the Ukrainian camp were able get the boxer ready on time.  As the WSB’s number 2 ranked Middleweight, Mytrofanov is on an incredible five fight winning streak and is now considered one of the top boxers in the category. The 23 year old will be entering the ring with high expectations from his coaches and teammates.

The team line ups clearly point to the differing approaches to this season’s WSB. Dmitriy Gaistruk, General Manager of the Ukraine Otamans, explained that “the Ukraine and Kazakh teams are based on two different strategies, the Arlans recruited a few powerful international boxers, our team is strictly national, our country is so rich with excellent boxers we decided we don’t need international boxers”. The Ukrainian strategy may have been a gamble within the WSB but must surely be excellent for further developing Ukrainian boxing as a whole. In any event as Gaistruk himself said, “on Saturday we will know which strategy worked better.”

Bolat Mankenov, the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan’s General Director, paid tribute to the event saying, “tonight and tomorrow night we will witness one of the most exciting events this year in the WSB Team Finals. We have waited for this moment for the whole year and I can guarantee you will see some exceptional boxing, and over next two evenings I just want to enjoy the best boxing in the world and I hope you do too”.

Day 2 Line Up

Bantamweight (50-54kg)
ZHAKUPOV Miras (KAZ, Astana Arlans Kazakhstan) vs. BUTSENKO Mykola (UKR, Ukraine Otamans)

Lightweight (57-61kg)
DONOVAN Eric Martin (IRL, Astana Arlans Kazakhstan) vs. KYSLYTSYN Vyacheslav (UKR, Ukraine Otamans)

Middleweight (68-73kg)
SNIGUR Konstantin (ISR, Astana Arlans Kazakhstan) vs. MYTROFANOV Dmytro (UKR, Ukraine Otamans)

Light Heavyweight (80-85kg)
ROUZBAHANI Ehsan (IRI, Astana Arlans Kazakhstan) vs. GVOZDYK Oleksandr (UKR, Ukraine Otamans)

Heavyweight (91+kg)
MYRSATAYEV Ruslan (KAZ, Astana Arlans Kazakhstan) vs. ARKHYPENKO Rostyslav (UKR, Ukraine Otamans)