Paintball session helps Arlans relax

Boxers from the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan have played a paintball game against journalists before their appearance in the 2013 World Series of Boxing (WSB) Team Finals on May 10th & 11th in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Star members of the team such as Ukrainian sensation Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Irishman Eric Donovan and team captain Samat Bashenov, looked equally intimidating with their paintball guns as they do with their boxing gloves.

In one game the journalist team had to defend a “precious cargo” while the Arlans boxers tried to seize it. This they apparently accomplished very easily; effortlessly breaking through the journalists’ lines before finishing off the last remaining reporter “in cold blood”.

In a desperate attempt to win, the journalists started cheating at one point by “rising from the dead”. Such behaviour was quickly stamped out by the boxers especially Israeli Middleweight (68-73kg) Konstantin Snigur who threatened to put anyone who was dead “back to sleep” if they shot at him again. Though he presumably said this as a joke, the journalists wisely decided not to test this theory the hard way and they kept it clean from then on.

Lightweight (57-61kg) Yerzhan Mussafirov admitted that “this is the first time I have played paintball and I’m beginning to like it more and more!” He went on to say that the team had wanted to have their coaches with them in the paintball team but that the latter “needed a break from us”.

Snigur meanwhile, who was miraculously never hit with paint throughout the day, will be hoping these evasion skills transfer to the ring for the WSB Team Finals. He felt that the game was time well spent, “such activities help us to relax emotionally before such a demanding event”, he explained.

Though an unorthodox training method, Coach Sergiy Korchynsky is one of the most experienced in the world of boxing, having previously worked with the Ukrainian Olympic Team and the WSB defending Champions Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder. Only time will tell whether his Astana Arlans Kazakhstan team will make it third time lucky in WSB now that he is at the helm.