Bisbal through Hrgovic’s test

In the Mexico vs. Kazakhstan World Series of Boxing (WSB) semi-final clash, the fight of the night is expected at Heavyweight (91+kg) between Guerreros’ Gerardo Miguel Bisbal and Arlans’ Filip Hrgovic. Puerto Rico Bisbal has won five fights this season and proved to be a strong fighter with a victory over British Lionhearts Uaine Fa. Hugely experienced and confident, Croatian Hrgovic and its 14-3 record in WSB will be a real test for Bisbal. Let’s learn more about this explosive encounter.

What are your thoughts on your opponent?
Gerardo Bisbal: I usually don’t check the pedigree of my opponents up front. I have my boxing ready to win.
Filip Hrgovic: He is a very talented fighter, but if I fight at 100%, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to beat him. I came to Mexico to win, I like competing in away matches.

What will be your strategy for this fight?
GB: Classic, make the most of my usual style of punches and avoid his.
FH: Be aggressive, put pressure during the five rounds, punch more and harder… And win.

How would you describe your experience in WSB so far?
GB: Every day I thank God for this opportunity to represent Mexico. This competition has been great to me and I’m really enjoying it, even though I need to sacrifice time with my family. WSB gives me not only boxing experience but also a better life.

Who was your toughest opponent so far and why?
GB: Surely my fight against Mateusz Malujda in Poland. But I was not in my best shape at that time.

Do you feel confident about facing Bisbal?
FH: I know that it won’t be an easy task but I came to Mexico to win. It is very important for the team as in a semi-final, there is no margin for any mistake.

This special match will take place on a very special place, the iconic El Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City. Is it the most important fight in your life so far?
GB: It is of course a very special place for Mexican people and I’m sure it will be quite an experience.

We are expecting thousands of spectators to attend this match. How do you feel about this?
FH: Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where the ring is located. It is the same square everywhere. I know what I have to do and I will do it. If the crowd is too loud, believe me I will shut them up with some combinations of punches.