Derevyanchenko shoots at journalists to relax

Ukrainian boxing sensation Sergiy Derevyanchenko and his teammates enjoyed a paintball game against journalists last week, as Astana Arlans Kazakhstan Coach Sergiy Korchynsky gave his side some much needed rest before their forthcoming World Series of Boxing (WSB) Team Finals on May 10th and 11th.

Derevyanchenko, one of the top fighters in WSB, looks set to be drawn against his fellow countrymen when his Arlans team faces the Ukraine Otamans in the finals.

Currently ranked 5th in the WSB Middleweight (68-73kg) category, Derevyanchenko has already fought and beaten his Ukrainian national teammate Dmytro Mytrofanov in the opening round of the Regular Season. He found it a tough task however: “my compatriot Mytrofanov and Brian Castaño from Argentina were my two hardest opponents this year”, he explains. “I won the first bout against Castaño and lost the second one. He showed me that I need to be more mobile in the ring”.Mytrofanov meanwhile returned the compliment (click here).

A well rounded fighter, Derevyanchenko comes into the final with significant experience under his belt. He has fought in all three WSB seasons and earned a 17-1 pro-record in the organisation in the process. He has also been part of a series winning team before, having boxed with Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder last year.

Despite naming Mytrofanov and Castaño as his most difficult adversaries, Derevyanchenko says his favourite fight this year was against the upcoming Irishman Conrad Cummings. “He is young, aggressive and a hot prospect for the future but my experience helped me win”, said the Arlans boxer.

When asked about his favourite moment of the season though, Derevyanchenko gave a surprising answer: “for me it was a moment not related to boxing”, he said. “Last week we had a paintball game against journalists and went fishing. Given that for ten months of the year we live in a training camp, these entertainment activities were something special”.

The Ukrainian is however looking forward to getting back into the ring again, stating that “the team is perfectly tuned for the last step of championships; we are ready to use all our power, patience and will-power to win”.

Watch Derevyanchenko vs Cummings here: