Jablonski: “Tavares, I’ll be ready for you”

Exciting talent Tomasz Jablonski, one of the poster-boys of the Hussars Poland, will be looking to extend his winning streak in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) quarter-finals when he battles with Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder Frenchman Michel Tavares at Middleweight (68-73kg) this Saturday 23 March.

The 23-year-old orthodox Pole is most remembered for having inflicted its first WSB defeat to Russia’s Aleksandr Ivanov in Week 2. Against a strong though irregular Tavares, Jablonski will expect nothing but a victory to put his team in the right way.

Tomasz, in the quarter-finals you face defending WSB Team Champions, Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder. How do you prepare for such an important match?
Our coach has arranged an intensive training program for a few days ahead of this match. We are locked in a camp: we live together, eat together and train together. This has put us in the best spirit to defend our colours the best we can.

How do you feel physically and mentally these days?
Physically I feel very well prepared, in a very good shape. Mentally I am getting there, I will be ready on Saturday. Be sure of that.

Your second WSB season is a success-story so far and you are one of the best boxers of the Hussars Poland. What has changed for you since last year?
I prepare myself in a much better way. I am only focusing on WSB and pro format. Last season I travelled once to India, but coming from my regular club in Poland, my training was dedicated to WSB only.

Have you improved as a boxer since you joined WSB?
I feel really good in this format. It is a very accurate style of boxing. Also the level of competition is extremely high and therefore I have gained much more confidence after winning against very good opponents.

What do you love most about boxing?
I like the male rivalry. I like the challenge of stepping into the ring and knowing it is between me and my opponent, nobody else. Each opponent is different and you must adapt very quickly mentally and physically.

Are you already thinking about next season? If so, in which area should the Hussars Poland improve?
This first season is kind of a test for us. Next season we will need more boxers and more quality ones. This way there would be tougher sparring partners at the training and each and every one of us would improve quickly. Then the better prepared boxers would be selected to fight.

Can WSB and Hussars Poland revive boxing in Poland?
Of course and there is already a change. I can ensure you. The Hussars are regularly on TV, in the press, people start to recognize us in the streets. We have true fans now. This is already a first step to revive the sport of boxing in our country. And I’m sure it can only get better.