Selby: entertainer, crowd-pleaser, supreme talent

Fleet-footed Welshman Andrew Selby of the British Lionhearts has been one of the stars of the Bantamweight (50-54kg) category after recording five wins from five to top the individual rankings. The 24-year-old, with near flawless technique, has been in scintillating form this season, mixing poise and speed to devastating effect. Five confident displays, full of maturity and tactical awareness, has see Selby become one of his team’s most effective weapons. As the British Lionhearts prepare to face the Mexico Guerreros in the quarter-finals, he will be once again looked upon to lead the troops into battle. We put a few questions to the entertainer.

Andrew, tell us about your fight against Ilnytskyy of the Ukraine Otamans, many fans loved it however several thoughts you maybe over did the showboating.    He started aggressively and was leading with his head a bit so I had to be careful. But once I got my range, I felt my speed became a decisive factor and the bout became more comfortable. I did not plan to showboat; it is just something that seems to happen when I am in the ring. I do like to entertain the crowd and they seemed to enjoy it so if the mood takes me then I may do it again.

What are your impressions about World Series of Boxing?
I am pleased with it so far. It has been a good first season: competitive bouts and a good atmosphere.

Has it been hard for you to acclimatise to the pro-style boxing?
It is good. Makes you think more and be cautious of the opponent’s head. You need to be more elusive too. Five rounds allow me to find my rhythm and not rush.

What was your toughest WSB fight so far?
It was definitely against Meirbolat Toitov from the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan. He was a tall southpaw, much stronger than me and caught me with some good shots. I was quite marked up after that bout.

What do you think about the level of WSB boxers?
Top class, lots of Olympians and pros, it is great.

What are your best recollections of the 2012 London Olympic Games?
Walking out to 10,000 people cheering your name was such an experience

What do you love most about boxing?
It is difficult to say as there are so many things I love about the sport but clearly winning and representing my country have to be top of the list.

In the play-offs you face Aaron Alameda of Mexico Guerreros. Tell us what you know of him.
I have watched him on YouTube and have been able to study his moves. He is tough Mexican southpaw, but speed beats power so I am confident that I can defeat him.

Do you see British Lionhearts in the WSB Team Finals?
It is so evenly matched between the top teams that anyone can beat anyone on their day. It may come down to something like tactics or injuries. I see no reason why we cannot win it outright.

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