Sow: ‘If you want to be the best you have to beat the best’


After claiming the 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medal at Lightweight (60kg), the explosive Frenchman Daouda Sow made the switch to the pro ranks and went on to win all of his twelve fights, including two by KO. Having been left frustrated with the irregularity of boxing in the professional game, which not only impacted on his physical preparations but also influenced his motivation towards the sport, the 29-year-old jumped at the opportunity of joining the ranks of World Series of Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Professional Boxing (APB).


How do you feel at the prospect of boxing once again under the auspices of AIBA?

I am extremely positive and very happy. I know I will need a bit of time to adapt, to get back that feeling of wanting to work hard. It is a project I will be giving my all for. In professional boxing, nothing is clear, everything is constantly changing, fights are cancelled, etc. With WSB and AIBA, you have structure and regular fights. I cannot wait to get started. I am a boxer and really all I want to do is to be able to do what I love most in the ring, simply to be boxing again.


What was your initial reaction when you were approached to join WSB and APB?

I was delighted as I believe in these two projects. Unfortunately I turned pro in 2009 just before WSB was launched. Had I known I would have most likely have wanted to be a part of it. With the news that pro boxers could join the competition for Season III, I jumped at the opportunity.


What do you know about WSB?

I followed Paris United closely for two seasons; I went to watch several of their matches and was always impressed, not only by the level of the competition but also by the show on offer. It is what I call real pro boxing. It is a competition that is good for the boxers and also looks after the long-term interests of the sport.


How do you feel about boxing in the USA, with the Knockouts?

When I first heard about the opportunity of joining the US Franchise, I thought it sounded great. The United States is the country of boxing with the sport a big part of the cultural landscape. I know I will learn a lot over there. I am 120% ready to take up the challenge that is for sure. When I take up a challenge, I always give it my all. This will be the same. I know we are in a very tough group but if you want to be the best you must beat the best.


We hear whispers that you would like to fight Vasyl Lomachenko

I am a fierce competitor so I want to be facing the best guys out there. Of course he the big name but in WSB there are many other world class boxers. If I were to face him, I would ensure that I raise my level to ensure it does not look he is just in the ring having fun, like he does with most of his opponents. My philosophy is simple, never regret anything.