‘The other teams have noticed us now’, Poland’s Jablonski

Last Friday, Hussars Poland showed their mettle by beating last year’s WSB Team finalists Russia 3-2 on home soil to the delight of both their fans and the coaching staff that had worked extremely hard to get the boxers ready for this momentous occasion.

One of the most valuable victories was the one recorded by the Franchise’s poster-boy Tomasz Jablonski, who in the Middleweight (73kg) bout defeated the, until then, unbeaten Aleksander Ivanov. By winning that fight, Jablonski gave a confidence boosting advantage to his team as they went on to record a hard-fought victory. We put a few questions to the charismatic 23-year-old Polish orthodox fighter.


Were you expecting to win against Alexander Ivanov?

From the beginning, I didn’t expect to win in this fight, but I wanted to show my best boxing. I achieved the plan and I was delighted to come away with a victory against a tough opponent.



How did the fight look from your perspective? Did you feel that you had the advantage?

After the second round, I felt that I could go on and win the fight, but I did not know until the very end if the judges saw it as such. Fortunately, the attitude in the corner with my coach Hubert Migaczew was very reassuring, he gave me confidence and was really great at motivating me, and it gave me a lot of energy to go for it.


How do you prepare for WSB matches?

The whole team lives in Marki near Warsaw and we train under the supervision of our coaches Baraniewski and Migaczew. Everything is very professional; we have a training cycle, allowing us to be very well prepared for matches. We all also follow a special diet prepared by our nutritionist George Kepa, largely thanks to him I was prepared for this fight, because he helped to get the right healthy weight, in the ring I was feeling very well and full of energy.


This is your second fight in WSB. You lost the first fight by a split decision. How do you compare these two fights?

It was much more enjoyable because I was able to keep cool and box from the beginning to the end with intelligence, I paced myself well which led to victory.


How did you like the match in Gdynia in terms of organisation? Did the support of the fans help you towards victory?

The match in Gdynia was simply sensational. It was the first time I was able to fight in front of my home crowd. My family was also in attendance so it was really special. Through it all, I felt a lot of stress, but as I came out to the ring, and I heard a great cheering, it gave me a lot of strength and motivation to fight. The other boxers also loved the atmosphere in the venue. So I think that for the first match in our country I consider it as being very successful. The next matches will have even more fans coming to see good boxing, guaranteed


What are the team’s objectives this season following your win over Russia?

No one expected us to defeat Russia so now the other teams will take notice of us. It is a confidence boosting victory for us and gives us extra motivation to continue to work hard as we have already seen early results. This win will give us the strength to push towards qualifying for the play-offs.


When is your next fight?

I do not know exactly when I will be called for the next one, but I hope to box this year at Torwar in Warsaw.


How do you see your cooperation with the coach Migaczew?

Working with him has been very good. I think that our victory and our attitude in the ring have given me a lot of joy; he is extremely focused and gets involved in all aspects of preparation and competition.


Hussars Poland are next in action away to Argentina Condors at the Estadio Vicente Polimeni on Saturday 8 December (23:00 local time).