Payares back for Mexico Guerreros


After a season spent away from WSB due to injury and to concentrate on Olympic qualification, 26-year-old Heavyweight Jose David Payares is now back with the Mexico Guerreros for another crack at the world’s premiere team boxing competition. Tall and deceptively fast, the Venezuelan was unbeaten in the inaugural campaign, impressing many pundits with his precision and explosive style.


You had a good first season in WSB and then a one year break caused by injury, you are joining the Mexican team for the Season III, what is your physical condition these days?

I am in the top shape and more than ready for this season.


How do you feel about being back?

I feel happy because it was a competition I truly enjoyed and I am finally back. I want to be the best and every boxer knows that WSB is where the best boxers compete.


The heavyweight category looks very impressive this upcoming season with Usyk, Russo, Yoka, Hrgovic, Dychko and Myrsatayev all be competing this season. Which one of these boxers would you like to come face to face with in a ring?

If I have a chance to fight them all, I would, I am ready. This would only improve my skills and my levels of performance. I know I would do well against any of them. I would be the surprise package.


Tell us about your road to recovery from injury?

It was tough, you have to work hard on rehabilitation and strengthening and spend a lot of time unable to spar. But I was focused and knew that if I really applied myself in rehab that I would come back stronger. And that is exactly how I feel now. My last competition was the AIBA American Olympic Qualifying Event Rio 2012 and that too soon as I was ring rusty. I narrowly lost against the eventual silver medallist so looking back I was pleased with my first competitive outing.


You come from Venezuela, how is life treating you in Mexico?

I have perfectly adapted, I have a lot of support and help here. The team is great and have received assistance whenever I have needed it. Mexico is a beautiful country and I am proud to be fighting for the Guerreros.


How do you like spending your time outside the gym?

I use my free time to rest mostly. I am very focused on my career at the moment so if I am resting my body, I analyse my training, review my food intakes. Away from boxing, my daughter is teh most important.


What would you say if your daughter wanted to be an athlete, or even a boxer?

I would really like it if she chose to pursue a career in sports, being an athlete is special. As for boxing, I am not sure. Though, I would support her in anything she chooses.


Apparently you listen to music a lot, what have you been listening to lately?

I love Colombian music. Anything with a South American flow, latino music, what makes you get up and want to dance. Music is inspirational to me.


Are you already training for the season and what is your training program these days?

I am focusing on improving my strength. Conditioning is also essential so am doing a lot of interval training. I do 2 to 3 sessions a day in order to be in top condition for when the season starts.


Mexico Guerreros begin their season at home when they welcome Hussars Poland at fortress Foro Polanco on Friday 16 November.