70 AIBA Officials graduate on APB/WSB Workshop closing day


On Saturday 03 November 2012, 78 International Boxing Association (AIBA) world’s best officials completed the 5-day APB/WSB Supervisors and R&Js Workshop in Incheon, South Korea. After careful examination and practical evaluations, AIBA has qualified 20 Supervisors and 50 R&Js to officiate in World Series of Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) competitions.

With the WSB Season III ready to start in just twelve days from now, many of these officials will certainly be assigned in the weeks to come.

All Supervisors and R&Js gathered in the evening for a Graduation Ceremony hosted by the AIBA President and WSB Chairman of the Board, Dr Ching-Kuo Wu. “This APB/WSB Supervisors and R&Js Workshop was at the top of my list of priorities because excellent and fair refereeing and judging is the foundation of boxing”, stated Dr Wu. “Our moto ‘We are boxing’ means that we propose the highest performance in boxing, supervising and refereeing & judging, integrating new scoring system and new rules. Our foundations are now solid enough to prove that we truly offer the best of our beloved sport”.

Each Supervisor and R&J was presented with the APB/WSB Certificate and offered a blue jacket branded APB/WSB. “AIBA has set high standards for its officials to be experts in their respective territories”, said Tom Virgets, WSB Supervisor. “Therefore, when they were called on stage as a recognition, you could really see on their faces that they felt very proud and that they had done something extraordinary”.

The Ceremony was followed by speeches delivered during the closing dinner by Mr. Jin-Young Kim, Incheon Vice Mayor; Mr. Kyung-Sang Kwon, Secretary General of the Incheon 2014 Asian Games Organizing Committee; Mr. Jung-Ghyu Su, Deputy Secretary General for Operations for the Incheon 2014 Asian Games Organizing Committee; Mr. Duk-Su Jung, Chairman of Incheon Boxing Association; Mr. Akira Yamane, President of the Japan Boxing Association and Mr. Yong-Soon Kim, Executive Vice President of Korean Air, official sponsor of the event. “Korean Air and AIBA have created a strong relationship and I am looking forward to continuing this collaboration. Boxing is a very popular sport in Incheon and I am proud that Korean Air is associated with AIBA”, stated Mr. Kim.