Condors Argentina’s Castaño looking forward to WSB


Carlos Brian Castaño (73 kg) is just one of the exciting prospects from thef Condors Argentina, the first ever South American team to compete in the World Series Boxing. 23-year-old Castaño, born 12 September 1989 in La Matanza, a province of Buenos Aires, is set to show his pedigree when the competition gets underway having already impressed as a professional boxer, with two victories within the distance to prove his credentials. We put a few questions to the hard-hitter.


Tell us your thoughts on WSB.

It is a real innovation that is for sure. First I was unsure of the format, I didn’t get the idea of competing in a team, in different countries, but then I spoke to some of the guys who were competing in it and they said it was incredible. I normally fight at 64kg so I will have to put on a lot of muscle to be at my best. It is a challenge I am looking fwd to.


You were the first noticed by Coach Sarbelio Fuentes. He said you were on of the most promising Amateur Argentinean boxers. He was surprised by your level. He expected you to qualify for the Olympic Games, what happened?

I had injury problems and I feel like I did not deserve to lose against Mike Carvalho. In boxing, like in any other sports, you also need to have some luck. But I had good wins in Venezuela, where the Pan-American took place and I defeated a former Youth Champion. You learn a lot more from defeat than you do through victory.


Tell us about Joining Condors Argentina.

It is a great opportunity to get the sport back to the top in Argentina. The WSB will show what we can do on the world stage, it is very exciting to be able to cheer on a team rather than a single individual. With my country having its own team I just had to be a part of it.


Are you a hard-hitter?

Well some people think I am but I don’t calculate it in my game plan. I like to fight punch by punch and against someone bigger than me, that could punch harder than me so that I raise my level. This is not easy but it will happen a lot in WSB.


Will you be able to choose between WSB and full-time pro ranks?

Yes I am a pro and would like to follow this direction; to win a world title is the big focus. But beware, we all like to fight the best, test ourselves, to know where we are in boxing. WSB is very tough and has some of the bets Olympic boxers in the world. But at my weight it would be easier in the pro ranks.


Condors Argentina get their campaign underway away to Azerbaijan Baku Fires on Sat 17 Novembre.