‘Improvement is the name of the game’, Hrvoje Sep


Croatian hardman Sep Hrvoje, 26, has, like compatriot Filip Hrgovic, made the switch from Paris United to Astana Arlans Kazakhstan for WSB Season III. One of the stars of the French Franchise when they won the Team Trophy in the competition’s inaugural campaign, Sep told us that he felt in the best shape of his life and was looking forward to this new challenge. Here is his interview.


What are your thoughts on joining the Astana Arlans Kazakhstan?

I am very happy to be back competing in WSB, it is a great competition and I am here to win. The Astana Arlans Kazakhstan are a fantastic team with a talented group of boxers and an excellent head coach, these are exciting times. I cannot wait to get going with my new team.

Had you received offers from other Franchises?

Yes, several, but when the Arlans came in with their offer, it was an easy decision to make. Their set-up and attention to detail is first class.

You came back strong at the end of last season after a rocky start. How do feel and what are your ambitions for the upcoming WSB season?

It is very simple, I am here to win. I will give my all and prove to show how much I have improved over the past two years. Last season was strange but I am happy with my two final fights. This time you will see a very different fighter.

So you are focused on WSB now, tell us your thoughts on Group B

The teams in Group B are very good, and much stronger than Group A. It will be very interesting, to watch all of their fights.

You and Filip Hrgovic will be on the same team?

We have now been friends for six years. We know each other very well so to have him with me in the team is excellent. We share the same coach and Filip won the WSB Individual Championships, I was delighted for him. 

Tell us about your training?

I have been working extremely hard to be in top shape for the coming season. I train twice a day with two hours in the morning and a further two hours in the afternoon. Our coach, Leonard Pijetraj, always keeps the intensity sky-high. We do long and short distance running with a lot of hills. We have each day something new. In the evening, we have for instance, boxing technique, boxing tactics, and in the morning more like sparring and running. But I have a detailed plan for every day. Never allow your body to guess what comes next! We go to sleep at 10:00, and we wake up at 7:00

You are very good technically, is there any area that you would like to improve on in boxing?

Constant improvement is the name of the game, of course being as fit as possible but also working on your technique.

Do you follow a specific diet?

I eat a lot of rice and chicken, with vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. I have something different every day. We live like sportsmen. Our life is guided by the cycle of sport. My girlfriend and I cook often together. I am very strict with my food and the things I eat; I never deviate from anything and stay away from all the things that are bad for you. You have to if you want to stay at the top-level.

Tell us a little about yourself and the sport you love?

I grow up in Vrbanja, a little village in the region of Spačva in Croatia until the age of 18, then went to Zagreb. I was always very active in a lot of sports, but I chose boxing.

What is your motto?

Never give up. When you’re down, get up quick. And that’s it. 

Is there a boxer you admire?

I always loved watching Mike Tyson. I also enjoy seeing fighters from South America and Mexico, they are very exciting.

Is there anybody particular you want to fight?

There is nobody I am afraid to fight; I want to have very strong boxers in front of me that is for sure. I will fight anytime, anywhere, with anyone. This is why I love boxing; it makes you feel good when you defeat someone. It makes you proud.


The Astana Arlans Kazakhstan begin their campaign in Group B away to the Ukraine Otamans on Friday 16th November.