AIBA moves forward with new R&J management system

Today, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has contracted with seven senior Referee and Judges to become full-time AIBA 5 Star R&Js. As part of its R&J development plans, AIBA took this major step towards developing as many full-time R&Js as possible in order to enhance transparency and fair judging in all competitions.

AIBA has offered these R&Js a brand new status, 5 Star, which is seen as a privilege among all current AIBA R&Js. The selection process started over a year ago at the AIBA World Boxing Championships Baku 2011 and was finalised during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

AIBA is today delighted to reveal their names publicly: Mrs. Kheira Sidi Yakoub from Algeria, Mr. Mik Basi from England, Mr. Michael Gallagher from Ireland, Mr. Mariusz Gorny from Poland, Mr. Vladislav Malyshev from Russia, Mr. Gerardo Poggi from Argentina and Mr. Rakhymzhan Rysbayev from Kazakhstan.

They will now:

• Be able to officiate in all AIBA Olympic Boxing, APB (AIBA Professional Boxing) and WSB (World Series of Boxing) competitions;

• Become an AIBA International R&J Instructor for any educational program held in AIBA Academies, International, Continental and National R&J Seminar and conduct the examination to certify R&Js at different levels;

• Take part in developing the R&J educational manuals and R&J related Rules

• Act as the R&J Captain at any AIBA Competitions;

• Act as an AIBA Ambassador to represent AIBA in all aspects related to R&J work.

Dr Ching-Kuo Wu, AIBA President signed their engagement as full-time 5 Star R&Js on the eve of the APB/WSB R&Js and Supervisors Workshop to be held in Incheon, Korea, between 30 October and 3 November.

On this historical moment, Dr Wu stated: “I am very pleased that we have found seven R&Js with such great achievements and outstanding performances in AIBA competitions over the last five years. The selection process has been intensive and much more based on their ethics and capability of managing the ring than anything else.”

He also added, “Following these first agreements, we will seek to add more 5 Star R&Js to enhance our transparent culture of judging in all AIBA, APB and WSB competitions.”

Due to their full-time working status with AIBA, these R&Js will not be allowed to take part in any of their national competitions and/or affairs. Purely independent, they will now concentrate on the development of R&J programs within AIBA and focus on enhancing the judging environment in the sport of boxing.

Michael Gallagher, the recipient of the prestigious AIBA R&J of the Year awards in 2011 and 2012, said, “It is a fantastic honour to be a part of this group of elite referees, these are exciting times for AIBA with WSB 3rd Season and the launch of APB next year”.

Mariusz Gorny, who has travelled the world officiating Elite AOB competitions and WSB matches and was bestowed with the Best R&J award at the AIBA World Championships Milan 2009 echoed that sentiment by saying, “Today is a very important moment in my life. The last 10 years I have refereed parallel to a job that I was not passionate about, but now I am a full-time AIBA Referee & Judge, it is an amazing feeling. It is a job that carries great responsibility and it is a privilege to be selected which my dream came true”.

Mik Basi, who took the Olympic Oath at London 2012 on behalf of all the officials at the Games’ Opening Ceremony, stated after being named as one of the 5-star R&Js, “It is a huge privilege to become a 5-Star R&J and to be a part of this groundbreaking innovation by AIBA. I am very much looking forward to this new challenge”.

Rakhymzhan Rysbayev, who was the Best R&J in 2010 Women World Championships, also one of the stand-out referees at the London 2012 Olympic Games as he added, “I have been officiating for 11 years and since AIBA’s new governance in 2006 there has been a lot of progress and innovation in boxing, also related to R&Js, it is a very positive movement”.

Vladislav Malyshev, expressed that “To become a 5-Star R&J is the pinnacle of my career so far. AIBA’s new project, APB, will revolutionise the sport and I cannot wait to be a part of it”.

Gerardo Poggi, was very proud to be selected as part of this elite group of R&Js, declaring, “I will continue to work extremely hard to bring the best refereeing to competitions. APB is the dawn of something special in boxing”.

Kheira Sidi Yakoub, was overjoyed at receiving her certificate, beaming as she declared, “I am entirely ready for this mission, it is the culmination of all the hard work I have put into my career as a referee”.