Michal Olas to represent Hussars Poland

23-year-old Michal Olas was one of the big revelations of the WSB Season II, winning his first two contests and contributing to the success of the Milano Thunder team in winning the much coveted Team Trophy.

With Hussars Poland now competing in this latest season, Olas was keen to join up with his compatriots and represent his country in the competition. Strong and fast, Olas will be one of his stars of his team and will be one to look out for.

At 190cm tall, the orthodox Polish fighter is intelligent and focused with a deadly left hook. With an impressive CV from his muay-thai days, Olas has been enjoying his transition to boxing and with a full season now under his belt, expect the explosive Warsaw native to lead out the Polish Franchise with panache.


We put a few questions to this promising Heavyweight fighter

What are your thoughts on competing for the Polish Franchise in the WSB third season? Was it a surprise for you that a Polish team joined the WSB?

I am very excited and extremely proud about competing for Poland. It was not a surprise as I knew about the project a long time ago. I can say that this is a real revolution for Polish boxing and I could not miss the opportunity of being part of it.


Was there any hesitation about quitting the Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder, the current Team Champions?

Of course I felt sadness; I was very attached to the entire team, we lived a great campaign last season. But having Poland joining the WSB league is a historical moment, this is an opportunity to revive the sport in my country. We have so many talented people in boxing; we need to show it to world, it is time to get up and make a stand, to recover from defeat.


Do you think Hussars Poland can reach the same high levels as the Italian team in terms of competition and marketing?

Milano Thunder was an excellent team on the boxing side and extremely well managed on the marketing side. I am sure that Polish team can reach such level, I am full of optimism.


Will you be missing the Dolce & Gabbana suits and glamorous parties?

For sure. Milan is a great city, the lifestyle of course was very attractive. But I know I can live such experiences in Poland too.


What do you like about your country Poland?

I really like our tradition in boxing; 30 years ago Poland was a boxing superpower. It is high time we get back to that tradition and get back to the glory days. In general I am much attached to polish history; we are capable of doing great things.


Are you already training for the season and what is your training program these days?

I have been training since the end of the second season. I spent five months at the gym and last 6 weeks I am focusing on technique and speed.


Any special diet tips?

I follow a diet low in fat with a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins. A very well known dietician, Grzegorz Kalpa , has joined the team. He will set a nutrition program for the entire squad, which is great news for us.


What would be your advice of staying fit to fans who aspire to reach your levels of fitness?

30 minutes of exercise every day is a must, you do not need to do anything extreme, it can be a session of easy jogging or swimming but the most important is for you get up and get going. Overall though, it is even more important to enjoy it, regularity is crucial and food of course.


Who is your boxing hero?

Evander Holyfield, an interesting fact we have very similar physical conditions. He is just a great guy the heart of a true warrior.

We look forward to seeing much more of Michal Olas and the Hussars Poland when the action gets underway on 16 November.